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About FastKood

Trainers Level

Practical training with our most experience developers concentrating on very required skills to put you at the edge of technology

Developers Level

Very skilled developers with large experience delivering the most fast and well engineered business solutions, mobile and web applications.

Managers Level

Managers with high experienced in software leading to create a new solutions and products and maintian our products at very high quality and maximum preformance with high levels of commitments on time.

FastKood History

From 2016 till now we hit a massive and extraordinary start with our best systems deliverd to Notcourses center , CBC , Alanhar TV Network and KebdaWshawerma etc.

for trainers

  • We have group of excellent instructors working in multinational companies to combine the practical experience with theoretical knowledge.
  • We deliver a full web development crash courses for 12 Session to work as freelancer.
  • We have system will support you in your career path-away Depends on develop skills, knowledge and experience include professional Cv and linked profile help.
  • Top 5 Students over batch will join the company to enhance and get a skilled trainig with our team
  • Get a life membership to fastkood community to learn new technlogies and get connected to other with share knowledge and interest

for companies

  • we deliver Mobile App Studio and Mobility Solutions at fatest dealine ever with top preformance
  • specialized in Custom Made web solutions, portals and websites
  • Custom CRM and ERP systems
  • Social media & Digital marketing

Code Training

we put you at the edge of the most important future field by practical working with a bunch of very skilled developers

Business Solutions

we create systems to develop your business performance supported with all charts that helps you to make a clear decisions.

mobile & web applications

we are the fastest company to create and develope mobile and web applications.
we can deliver your project in a few days.



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